How to Start a Website for a Cause You Care About

If you are are a human then definitely you must be having a passion for something or something that you really desire to have or do. Well for those who have the desire to make a website and not just a website, a website for something that you really desire or care about am going to take you through several or rather few steps that you can follow to create your own website in this article.

The method is going to take you through works for personal websites, small business websites and also for online stores. Be sure to hire proper website management services so that you don’t have to worry about the day-to-day work after your website is set up.

Follow the following steps:

1. Choose a platform for your website

Now don’t think about coding, you do not need to know how to code to choose your platform. Knowing HTML or CSS or PHP is really time-consuming it will take months if not years, and you may as well not be content with the result. In this current world people use content management systems (CMS), a CMS is a platform for building websites and managing the content of your website. Now that you’re reading this article I will recommend word press as your CMS to use. It is totally free and easy to use for anybody. Don’t download word press first let’s get to the next step.

2. Choose, create or get a domain name and host

First choose a domain (important) because that’s how you are going to be identified and the second get a web host, a host is like space where your web files are going to be stored and displayed to your web visitors.

Getting a domain name will cost you some money probably $3, Choose a domain name that matches your website name. Let’s spare the advice on how to choose your domain and get on to the next step.

3. Setting up your website

If you have bought your domain name and set up your host, then you can get your website running.

– Install word press: log into your hosting account then go to control panel and look for word press or probably website icon, choose that domain to which you want to install your site and click install button

– Choose a template for your site: this is simply a theme and can be accessed from your word press dashboard, go for a more professional theme and install the theme.

– Add content and create more and new pages: in the word press dashboard for pages sidebar there is an add new button, click it, and on the displayed page add content that you would like in text and images, if you want a website for a cause that you care about to unleash your content here. Do the same for more pages.

– Now add the pages to the menu in order to be linked to your navigation bar. You can also set your post page static in the settings, edit your websites sidebar also install plugins that will help get more from word press.

Having followed the above steps them by now, you know how easy you can create a website of your choosing within 30 minutes.

Lastly, keep improving your site using word press, customize everything you need to in order to make the site the best it can be.